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Alpha Omega Publications
Brief Overview

"Alpha Omega publications range from traditional worktexts to high-tech learning."

Alpha Omega Products Intro


Traditional Worktext Curriculum

LIFEPAC is a complete worktext curriculum for students in grades K-12. Alpha Omega Publications is committed to meeting the needs of students and parents alike, and strives to achieve the perfect balance of structure and flexibility in the LIFEPAC curriculum.


Comprehensive Math and Language Curriculum

Math and Language Arts are critical study areas that act as an anchor for the success of your child's education. The Horizons curriculum has been created to maximize your child's competency in these important subjects. Horizons is a math and language arts study for students in grades K-6. Every concept follows a deliberate pattern of introduction and gradual development. Each of the 160 lessons begins with a new concept or an expansion of a previously covered concept.

Switched-On Schoolhouse

Traditional Education Meets High-Tech Learning

Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS)is the perfect combination of traditional education and high-tech learning. SOS teaches 3-12 grade students standard subjects in a fun and easy to use computer-based format. The CD-ROM format provides an interactive learning experience, making Switched-On Schoolhouse seem like an adventure. The clever animation and special effects spread a contagious energy that gets kids excited about learning. Click here to read a more complete review on Alpha Omega Publications Switched-On Schoolhouse.

The Weaver Curriculum

Traditional Worktext Curriculum

Unit Study Curriculum with a Scriptural Focus

The Weaver Curriculum supports group learning with a strong Scriptural focus. Weaver is a unit study designed to let you educate all your children - from preschool to high school level - at the very same time while catering to the specific needs of each age group. Your children will grow in their shared instruction and biblical discovery.

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