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Bob Jones University Press curriculum and textbooks review

I was won over...

Bob Jones University Press curriculum is a relative newcomer to the Christian textbook scene. The books looked good so I decided to try a few and I was won over.
In using Bob Jones University books over the last five years I have learned that the educational philosophy of Bob Jones University Press is that children need to understand what they are learning.

The goal is...

The goal of the program is to produce Christians who can think, not merely perform. Kids are not pushed to learn skills they are not ready for or that they don't understand. There is very little busywork. Drill activities are short & designed to build & reinforce concepts that are already understood by the child.
The teaching is done aloud using big fat teacher's manuals. These manuals do everything except tell you when to inhale & exhale, which is wonderful if you haven't the foggiest idea of how to teach a child to read.

The teacher's manuals are great...

I find that the Bob Jones University homeschool teacher's manuals are a great help. Without them I tend to expect way too much of my kids in each subject. They are very realistic in their expectations of the kids, which I still need even after doing this for five years.
Bob Jones University has put on teacher workshops for home schoolers that are very practical, & publish a quarterly newsletter called "The Home School Helper." These people really believe that parents can and should be able to do a good job teaching their own kids.

Take a look...

Take a look at the Bob Jones University Press homeschool curriculum by going to the website of our affiliate: Learning Things - Bob Jones University Press

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