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Campaign Link Popularity Through Link Exchange

Campaign Link Popularity
- What is that about?

Increasing your small site link exchange through resolved reciprocal links has become an important part of designing your website to gain link popularity and, in turn, to rank hiigher in the search engines.

Your site needs to have one or more links from other websites so it will be indexed by the search engines. If you don't have high link popularity, then you'll never get a high rank.

Try to reciprocate those links. This means that you link to a website and they link back to your website. The search engines (SEs) will rank your link popularity even higher if they see that your site has more incoming than outgoing links. The SEs will consider whether you link to good sites or bad when they determine your popularity.

So, make link popularity a high priority when starting a web marketing campaign. Link popularity will not only increase your rankings, but will also increase your web traffic from other websites.

Click here for a more in depth article:
Campaign Link Popularity - resolved reciprocal links

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