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The World's Most Usable
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One or more great columns deliver
only usable information based on
real-life experiences with home school:

Hands-On Learning

- learn better by doing!

Curriculum Spotlight

- pick the right program for you!

Motivation Moment

- be inspired to teach!

Tips and Activities

- make learning fun again!

The Home School Corner delivers only... ORIGINAL and immediately USABLE information and strategies that save you time and increase your child's learning.

If you're like me, you probably scan and delete most of the free newsletters (e-zines) you get in your e-mail. I guarantee that you won't do that with Home School Corner.

Short and to the point, it comes to your e-mail inbox every two weeks... but only if/when we have something important to share! No filler, no "regurg" and no ads... just original, valuable information.

Forget theories and sales pitches... You want what is best for your children... now!

These are only some of the benefits...

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