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Are you looking for free home school forms, guides and worksheets?

On this page we direct you to some free information and educational websites

We try our best to ensure that these links were working. If you find any that are not, please help us out by clicking on 'Bad Link' at the bottom of the page and tell us specifically what links are not working. Thank you!

Fortunately there are lots of free items for home school studies on the internet. They include free math worksheets, study guides, free home school forms, worksheets, and lesson plans.

Through our links you will have passed on to you free information, help files,
home school forms and other useful freebies in various forms.

Add this page to your favorites and check back often as we continually search for updated information and useful stuff to offer you... Then you don't have to waste time doing the same!

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Free Math Study Guides

  1. Free Math Help Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and Trigonometry lessons.
  2. Check our Saxon Math review page before you decide to buy a mathematics worktext, or
  3. Go directly to our affiliate bookstore, Learning Things, where you can buy the mathematics worktexts at a discount.

Free Home School Forms for Recordkeeping

Please note that the following files are in Excel format.
  1. Attendance Record
  2. Attendance (Monthly) Record
  3. Cumulative Record Card
  4. Student Health Record
  5. Teacher Log and Plansheet
  6. Elementary Report Card (Front View)
  7. Elementary Report Card (Back View)
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Free Educational Websites

  1. School Express
    Very helpful website. You can get free unit studies, many great ideas for unit studies, and a variety of different ideas in other areas.

  2. EOS Science Poster Series
    It is free of charge for educational purposes. Use the link to order a copy of this poster for educational purposes.

  3. George Washington
    Here are some great freebies to use for a President's Study Unit.

  4. E - Sword
    This is free Bible study software that includes many Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, a couple of maps, spiritual writings, and a word processor. It's great!
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  5. Free homeschool planner
    I downloaded this... it's free and really cool for keeping up with everything... I find this really helpful for reminding myself what we really did on those days it seems we did nothing. I think it would be really helpful for those that are home schooling high school kids and trying to keep track of what counts for what in terms of hours and so forth. Also it would help to track things if you are working through an actual textbook doing written work.

  6. Owl & Mouse
    They have free educational software such as geography puzzles at this site.

  7. On Line Math and Science Text Books
    On-line books for Math and Science! Note: There are links at the bottom of the page to other on-line books as well!

  8. Mind Play (from Jason)
    Free on-line reading assessment.
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  9. Home schooling for Free on the Internet
    Lots of great links here. It is a Maine support group website, but the materials are not limited to Maine!

  10. Flylady
    Help with organizing your home for FREE!

  11. Free Unit Study
    It is a physics course of study for middle or high school children interested in sports. It coordinates readings and activities from three books: "The Physics of Baseball", "Sports Science Projects - The Physics of Balls in Motion", and " Basic Physics - A Self Teaching Guide." It is available as a Word Document and can be downloaded from this site.

  12. 0-homeschoolreviews Yahoo Group
    Reviews of FREE home schooling resources on the Internet. No chatter, no comments, no arguments. Just brief site reviews and tips!

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Other Educational Websites

  1. Internet links to education websites
    In addition to work & play, computers can be used for education, and our greatest free educational resource is the Internet. The key to teaching is to make learning fun, and these educational web pages are fun to browse.

  2. Unit Study Helps - Freebies
    Created by a home schooling veteran of 12+ years, this site has lots of great information for the home schooling parent. There is a message board, LOTS of helpful articles, and an area to make your own math review pages.

  3. Science Fair Guide
    Find science fair ideas, projects & guides. Includes step by step science fair guides for biology, chemistry, ecology, earth science, physics, electricity & electronics.
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  4. Christian Parenting Source
    Offers free home school curriculum, home school bible curriculum, home school curriculum review, parenting tips, free online Spanish lessons, Christian music and book reviews, and much more.

  5. ESSENTIAL College Study Skills
    Knowing & mastering these study skills is the difference between success & failure in your exams.

  6. College Admissions Service
    Get your percentage chances of admission (e.g. 65%) at top colleges including the Ivy League and selective engineering colleges. We also provide counseling services that will tell you where you can get in and how to improve your chances of getting into your top choices.
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  7. Speed Read Now
    Speed Reading facts, tips, and straight talk on increasing speed and comprehension. Over 16 pages of information on reading and critical thinking skills.

  8. Units of Measure
    Perspectives on Science & Technology... Lessons in Units of Measure.

  9. Homeschooling Resources
    New briefs on the value of homeschooling.

  10. Learning Aids
    Learning problems can be corrected with in-home learning systems.

  11. Eclectic HomeSchooling Resources
    Homeschooling resource, setting up and properly managing your home schooling and curriculum is vital.
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Need more information?

How to Start Home Schooling
Click on this link if you need more information about getting started with home schooling.

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Home School Textbooks
If you are interested in other options for curriculum other than the free home school stuff go to our textbooks page.

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