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Need Some Home School Curriculum Guidelines?

  • Home school curriculum is built from any item that helps you teach a subject. This includes things like dominos and coins for math, or a globe for social studies.

  • Not all of your curriculum needs to be bought and paid for. Library books can be used for science, social studies and literature, and you can share books with other home schooling parents.

  • Keep in mind your own personality when considering a purchase. Do you like research and intricate projects that require prior preparation time? Then you might enjoy the unit-study method. If you like everything already organized and spelled out, you should go for a traditional textbook and teacher's manual.

  • Keep in mind the personality of your child. Would he feel a sense of accomplishment upon completing a workbook? Or is it like pulling teeth to get him to write his name on a paper? This child would do better with hands-on materials and oral work.

  • If you dislike a subject (e.g., math), ask the Lord to increase your interest and ability. Your attitude will be reflected in your kids. You can learn math right along with your kids. Since it is hard for you, you will feel better able to help your kids when it is hard for them. If they see you learning, they will learn too, and realize that people can learn all their lives.

  • Plan to buy items throughout the year: Christmas, birthdays, or when the enthusiasm is flagging.

  • Remember: Teachers teach, books don't. A home school curriculum item is only as valuable as the amount of use it receives. The actual amount of learning that takes place depends on you and your child.

Before deciding...

Before deciding on a home school curriculum it is important to keep in mind your goals of teaching the "whole" child. Remember that your best teaching tool is your life. You need to be an example of diligence, patience, longsuffering, joy, peace and a sense of humor. After all, 'Rome wasn't built in a day.'

Some other pages...

Please check some other pages related to home school curriculum by clicking on the following links:

What home school textbooks should I use?

Good home school textbooks give you order and direction and stimulate interest.

Should I use a secular home school curriculum?

This may sound like heresy, but a good secular home school curriculum using secular textbooks is better than a lousy "Christian" curriculum using Christian textbooks.

Find home school curriculum at Learning Things!

Find a curriculum by grade level, or a cool educational item, or get a free catalog. This is a great way to find what you need!

You may aso order a Learning Streams catalog using the form below. (Note: catalogs are sent to US residents only and take 4~6 weeks for delivery. However, if you order from them, they will include a catalog with the package regardless of where you order from.)

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