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Issues related to home schooling are many

Most issues seem to focus on social, legal and academic matters

This page is designed to help you find the pages containing commentary related to these three areas. It was designed as a type of sitemap or index page to help you find the various pages quickly and easily.

The first section is a collection of pages that relate to the social aspect of home schooling. The page listed dispels the myth that home schooled children are not properly socialized and shows how socialization is actually one of the biggest benefits of home schooling.

The second section has a collection of pages that cover the most common misconceptions regarding the legalities of home school and clearly proves that it is totally lawful to control the education of your children and in fact it is your parental right ans duty to ensure your children get a proper education.

Finally the third section is a list of pages concerning academic matters that are either of common concern or misconceived. Dyslexia, for example is a common problem among children and can concern teachers and parents alike, but is oftentimes misjudged and/or not treated because of ignorance and a 'double standard' in the public schools.

Please return to this page often, even bookmark it, as new pages will be added regularly.




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